A Role Model

Role Models, Mentors, Someone to look up to…

These are all needed in the times of growth and change in our life.
And can I say this as well… we should never stop growing and changing.

As part of our lifestyle and goal in life – the number one thing is that we should always have someone to look up to.

Now I am NOT referring to Idols or Film Stars or Pop Music Artists.

Real people need real people to look up to.

The people around you should see the goals and ideals that you have reflected from or based off the person you look up to. However many times in the shallow world we live in – we see more and more young people choosing fame over ideals. Fame will get you in the spotlight – ideals will keep you there. Now I am not suggesting that no-one famous qualifies as a role model. Certainly in the PR limelight Hollywood media we live in – people are adopting kids left and right and sending food over seas that they would never eat themselves – this does not discount them – nor qualify them either in my opinion.

Role models are people like teachers – who know that several kids in the class they teach probably have wished them dead many times over – yet still get up in the morning to try to influence more young minds every year.
The person that became a fireman because they wished one day to be a hero and save lives.

Real World Examples –

There was a couple at the turn of the century (1890’s) that moved over seas and lived for some time in Tibet before moving to China. They were just settling in and working to start a school in the area when they noticed a need in the area.
They watched each and every morning as children were left to fend for themselves in the streets – whole groups of siblings were left by their parents and brothers and sisters had to care for the younger ones.

This couple had little themselves and thought it best still to do something rather than nothing. They brought the kids of the street everyday and never refused a single child… they started the first orphanage in the region.

They did their best every day to educate – feed – and encourage these kids – and they had such an impact on them that every boy and girl were changed by their love.
In the early 1900’s when Communism was rolling across China everyone was pushing them to leave after hearing that the new regime was killing every foreigner they found.

This couple did not want to leave. Yet the did at the urging of their extended family.

People like that are selfless and seemingly out of place in todays world.

A modern reference to such acts would be the movie “The Children of Huang Shi” – Rent it if you can find it. Awesome movie. This movie is the TRUE story of a reporter that gets caught in the middle of the Japan China War and fall in the middle of an orphanage and become so attached to these kids that he is remembered by them even today for the help and effort he made to get them to safety.

I say all of that to say this… Are you someone that others can look up to?
All of us are flawed and fail and miss it from time to time…
Can your children look up to you as a role model, can your family and friends?
We don’t all have to rush off to become the father to the fatherless or mother to the hungry in some far of lands.
But where we are… right now, realise that we can affect and influence and lead others in so many positive ways if we just tried.

Finally, who is your role model?

Is it your father, or your mother? A teacher or a close friend?
Who is your example and your goal – whose shoes do you wish you could fill… is it a person that is helping others or helped many? Perhaps they just helped you to get from one day to the next once upon a time.

And now yes here is the part you knew was coming all along… my role model.

In His humanity – He lead thousands to look beyond the persicution and occupation by the Romans and see beyond themselves and to help others around Him. He encouraged growth and change in people on a personal basis and taught that even though you can never be good enough to fulfill the law of their forefathers – if you loved one another enough and loved God enough – then that makes up the difference when you miss it.
He gave hope to thousands that heard Him speak but only a few hundred followed His request to gather and pray when He left them.
Roman Centurions, Jewish Leaders and the Rich and Famous of His day flocked to Him to know of this new way that was taught. His message was at its simplest – Love God and Love your fellow man. He was the example of the way any man should live – selfless and encouraging of those around you. He was God’s sign post for the definition of a Role Model.

In His deity – He took our place and bore our mistakes so we don’t have to.

I want to encourage you today… even if just in a small way… consider your role model. If you obtain all of what they obtained would it be enough? If you really did fill their shoes and lived their life would you be happy?

Hell is other people.
Jean-Paul Sartre

(A more liberal quote Рlinked to him) Is Hell is eternity locked in a room with your friends. 

What a shock it is to some people to spend their life working toward a goal – only to find it hollow and empty and not enough.

Destiny is a good thing to accept when it’s going your way. When it isn’t, don’t call it destiny; call it injustice, treachery, or simple bad luck.
Joseph Heller 

I would hazzard a guess that few people are entirely satisfied with the way things are in their day to day routine – and the trick they use like most people to stay happy – is to use distractions to keep the thoughts at bay.

Why not try a higher goal and a larger target.

Just a thought.