“A call to repentance”
II Chronicles 7:14
If my people, who are called by name, will humble themselves, and pray and seek My face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven. I will forgive their sins and heal their land.”
Where are you today in your walk with God? Do you find that you are struggling? Are you finding it hard to trust in God? Have you forgotten all He has done throughout the ages?
When God gave us this scripture, if you notice, He is not speaking to the sinners, the lost and dying world. He is speaking to HIS people. The “Christians”. Whether you call yourself a Protestant, a Baptist, a Pentacostal, a Presbyterian, a Catholic, or Episcopalian. If you call yourself a Christian, one who believes in Jesus as Lord and Savior, born of the Virgin Mary, beaten and bruised for our healing, crucified for our salvation and risen Savior that sits this day on the right hand of Father God, then you consider yourself His people.
Now when this was written it was at the time of Soloman. In Chronicles 7, chapter 1 God had appeared to Solomon and asked what he desired. Solomon asked for Wisdom and Knowledge in order to rule the kingdom that God had given him. God told him that because he had not asked for riches and wealth that He would give him not only wisdom and knowledge, but that He would give him riches and wealth as well. What a blessing, huh? But that is who our God is. Love, and He gives us grace and cares so deeply for us that when we ask for something to benefit His kingdom with a pure heart, we are likely to get much more than what we ask for.
In Chapter 7 vs 8-10 ..8 Also at the same time Solomon kept the feast seven days, and all Israel with him, a very great congregation, from the entering in of Hamath unto the river of Egypt.
9 And in the eighth day they made a solemn assembly: for they kept the dedication of the altar seven days, and the feast seven days.
10 And on the three and twentieth day of the seventh month he sent the people away into their tents, glad and merry in heart for the goodness that the LORD had shewed unto David, and to Solomon, and to Israel his people
Anyway, Solomon then decided he wanted to build a temple for God. This would be a place where the Israelites could come and pray to God. Imagine you are Solomon now, you want to honor God. You dream of this great temple, every room, the courts, the gate, the chambers for the priests and the room where the great sacrifices will be made to God (the Holy of Holies).
So Solomon builds this temple. A magnificent place. Then he is finished and there is an offering prepared for God. When the offering is placed and burnt a great fire comes down from Heaven and consumes the burnt offering and the glory of the Lord filled the Lord’s house.
Now again use your imagination. You are an Israelite going about your business, working as usual. All of a sudden you see this fire come down from Heaven and then the glory of the Lord comes down. Now the glory of the Lord couldn’t be contained in the house of the Lord and you could see it. Wow! Imagine for miles you can see this glory. So all of the Israelites bowed down on their knees and praised God.
Now the king and all the people offered sacrifices.
So for 7 days there was a great assembly of people. The Bible says Solomon and all of Israel. On the 8th day they held a sacred assembly to observe the dedication of the alter. This assembly lasted 7 days. So here for 14 days straight there are people here praising God, honoring him. Now on the 23rd day of the 7th month (hey that was just last Monday as I write this) he sent the people away and they were joyful and glad at what the Lord did for David, Solomon and the Israelites.
Then if you go down a little farther in the scripture you see that God appeared to Solomon again. God told Solomon that he chose this place as His own. In vs 14 God made a promise:
II Chronicles 7:14
“If my people, who are called by name, will humble themselves, and pray and seek My face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven. I will forgive their sins and heal their land.”
What a promise!! Now let’s examine for a minute our own standing… where are you in your walk with God? Has it grown cold? Are you luke-warm? Are you hiding your deepest secrets in that secret chamber so God will not see it? I know that it isn’t that you don’t want God to take care of it, perhaps it is that you are so ashamed of that secret that you don’t want to bring it to Him. Let me tell you, there is nothing that you can not tell or reveal to God. He is always the same. Yesterday, today and forever. He is always there ready to hear your cry and to give you grace for all things. His desire is that you are a new creature in Him and to pour the healing balm of Gilliad on those wounds. With every head bowed now, if you are one of these, raise your hand.
Perhaps you have just become luke-warm in your walk with God. You feel like you have given of yoursel

f for years and years and that you feel like nothing changes. Maybe somebody, perhaps one of your brothers or sisters in Christ has offended you and has made you withdraw from Him. If you are one of these, raise your hand. (have them come up) Do you harbor anger or resentment in your heart? Do you feel discouraged? Is there something that you have just not been able to forgive, no matter how hard you try, you just can’t seem to let it go and completely forgive ? (If this is you, raise your hand.) God wants to heal you in that area, but you have to be willing to give it to Him.
Now if you are here and you want to be stirred up in the Holy Ghost, on fire for Jesus? Do you want to know Him on a deeper level? If this is you, raise your hand. Those who raised their hands come up to the front. I want to pray for you.