Judging a man

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The Flaw made visible… 
The flaw in this line of thinking is that it gives justification and excuses and reasons without addressing the issue of the hurts and the stresses or even the positives of the past to shape us into who we are today… we find ourselves comfortable in the present state of self (mostly) that makes you not want to do the most obvious thing in the world when you are in just such a situation. Not for conformity sake but for the sake of growth and change that is needed in such a situation such as life and personality.

Growth, Change, Struggle of Identity and Existence coupled with the fundamental need to be completely happy with yourself and not settle for your present condition or state of affairs.

Does a person ever Arrive? Is there ever a point where they can look at every issue every corner of their life and say with truth and conviction that they are 100 percent happy with where they are and the way things turned out?
To be honest to say yes to the previous question invites argument and to say no invites debate. But why else are you reading this but to hear a line of reasoning and thinking. Blogging your thoughts is a bit like having a one sided debate and knowing your going to win the argument before you even start… at best you could comment on these statements on this site to give a response. But I win again if I just turn comments off. ANYWAY

Growth is the stretching and straining for something better, something more than we are. Setting goals, making plans and having aspirations are all part of the primary reason we keep fighting this fight called life. Yet in many areas of life, in ourselves we give up and stop caring to stretch any more. Due to setbacks, kicks or even pure offensive attacks on our person – we grow stronger because of them or weaker in those areas.

What do you do when you put yourself in a position to be hurt – by loving another person – you make yourself vulnerable to them – opening yourself up for attack, ridicule, abuse, or injury by a simple comment or even physical abuse.
To trust someone is much the same –
To become a friend – or even a casual acquaintance – social hurts and offenses also shape the way you react in future to much the same situations.

It is in these acts against or toward you that you shape who you are in response to overcome – or give in and let these acts change you.

When you get knocked down… do you grow or change or learn more and try harder to be a better person or do you give up?

Giving up is the easy option – it has been in every area of life regardless of the setting.

In Sports its easier not to run.
In Politics its easier not to vote.
In learning to ride a bicycle its easier to walk…

Personally I know people around the world that listen when I talk – understand that logic, knowledge and a bit of wisdom (i pray) is mixed into the batch. And Yes I can be long winded (these posts testify to that).

But I tell you these things to encourage you – as I have had to encourage myself recently in the last few months – its a continual growth thing…

When there is an obstacle in your path you go around it.
When you have a gap you cross it.
When you face a struggle you do not give up – you keep pressing in. 

A runner runs a race to the finish… not to stop halfway through a lap because someone in the stands starts yelling at him to stop. If there is a hurdle – jump it. If there is anything in the way – overcome it, move on to the next one.

It puzzles me in life to see lots of people around you cheering you on and then seeing someone you thought was on your side come and try to get you to stop… and be happy about it.

Yet dear reader I am here to encourage you as any sane fellow human should do… to not give up and not surrender the heart and fire that is inside you no matter what the outside world tells you – no matter what the doubts and trials tell you.

Find your inner voice of peace and hope and strength and press in with that and do everything you can to keep that passion for what and who you are lit… cover it and protect it when the fierce wind blows… and add fuel to it every chance that you can.

As a Christian we have a passion that stays even when very strong pressure from the outside world tell us such things as –

Your just like the nuts on the TV trying to steal money or take advantage of people –
Your following a lie
It was all made up
Its not real
God doesnt exist
and so on and so on and so on…

If you can stand – even if you cannot take a step more… just stand… this is what the Bible encourages hurting – struggling – tired of fighting people to do…

Just Stand

If you keep your heart right – God will see
If you work on growing and getting better in the fight – It will get easier
Even if no one else knows the truth in the matter – God knows

I have not met a single person ever that will be open and honest with themselves and willing to talk – that will not by the end of the conversation start to realise and see the truth that God is real and can and will get involved in their life.

The strongest denier of God that I have ever met that discussed these things with me… though mad many many times in the conversation – even agreed with me on so many points that he had to change the subject just to keep from admiting out loud about God being real.

I always always alway strongly point out that I do not talk to people because of the things people usually expect – but because of the very real and true relationship and love that I found in Jesus is available to them and it can and will be more than they can even imagine.

LDS Mormons do missions and go out to spread their messages because they have to – its built into the system of the cult that they have to be “good enough” and earn rights and privilages in the religion to get status with God and so on and so forth.

JW’s are much the same but not only do they have to earn status with God by work and effort (that never seems to be enough) they have to sell magazines ?? Or buy all the magazines themselves and give them out… they stop people out of fear that they are not doing enough God will not like them or some silly thing.

Christianity – Actual Christianity – not some random chain of buildings with the same names stuck on the side but no life inside…
I am talking about REAL Christianity… it is not a religion – its not false and made up… its not shiney flashy suits on TV and people getting slapped in the head.. its about the real relationship with Jesus not about religion.

– Religion is one of the most misused words in the world – and yes I misused it here to in ths very post – but anyway…

Lets look at the REAL deffinition of religion. If anyone can define the word properly it should be GOD Himself… 
James 1:27 – Pure religion and undefiled before God and the Father is this, To visit the fatherless and widows in their affliction, and to keep himself unspotted from the world.

To be called a religious person is silly without knowing what anyone does with other people. If you help any random stranger pick up something they dropped or struggled with – if you have ever donated to a charity that helps people eat or live better lives… YOU are by God’s rule… a religious person – religion is all about MAN helping MAN

God’s part in that is the last bit in that verse… keep yourself unspotted from the world… all of the things mentioned before… the hurts, the wrongs, the effects from life… all change – shape and mold you into a different person than you even set out to be… its IMPOSSIBLE to keep yourself unspotted.
This same thing is visible with the Ten Commandments – NOT one man in the world could ever keep them all. Its not possible… but it only was there to play a simple role to point out that these are great ideals and goals but even in the simple sense of Being a Good Person – its not possible in this world.

It is not possible in this world to be a good person and obtain all of what you want in life without help.

If you stop to help someone that dropped something on the ground… you will more than likely get kicked or beat with a purse because they think your going to steal from them.
If you stop and help fix a flat tire either they think your going to mug them or they are about to mug you… is the thoughts that transpire.
If you hand out money to one person in charity – the person next to them will cuss you out for not helping them as well.
If you accept every person in every way regardless of race, creed, or color, they will shake your hand and pat you on the back and your wondering if your doing enough and are genuinely accepted – and they could be wondering if your overcompensating for some hidden hatred that you have inside.

At best as a person – a person without God – you hope to achieve some sort of balance in all the chaos and turmoil in your heart, your mind, your emotions and the world around you. To be well mannered and a good person is great – but its hard to maintain in today’s world.

I have met genuine real people that think that is our goal in life – to be a good person and live a good life – and that’s enough somehow to appease a god they don’t know if there is one to be acceptable in god’s sight.

I have asked athiests a retorical question before in this regard – if I went and handed them a gun – loaded and ready to use – and I had a gun and began shooting random people right in front of them and they had the power to stop me if they would do anything at all… they have all said no – there is no point.
Yet if you ask them what the number one complaint about their concept of god is… they say if he is real he does nothing and cares for no one. Yet they hold themselves to the same standard. They do nothing and care for no one…

Real Christianity should not be discounted just because of the flakes and nuts and morons that call themselves christians but don’t even know what they are doing… there is a very big difference.


Yet often we get judged the same.
Under Bush we were one of the most hated countries in the world… if you did not vote for him and you went abroad – you would not like for one second the abuse that would come along with being American and getting painted with that wide sweeping brush.

Why would anyone think for a moment that a moron on the street corner with a loud hailer shouting at everyone going by that they are going to hell has ANYTHING to do with the Real God. They might – its possible… but they don’t have a clue and have the wrong end of the stick.

It has been a long long long long time since I watched anything on the so called “God channels” for the same reason that you don’t. Its silly nonsense and jargon and showmanship with little redeeming value at all!
IF, if there is anything resembling real christian teaching on there then its so far burried in the mush that you would never know it to see it.

But you dear reader have a chance to know the REAL God.

Behind the multitude of people claiming to know Him, yet hating and spouting vile and shouting at others around them… usually far away from that in fact… will be a guy like me… standing talking to people – trying hard to make it clear that they are not with those morons. Don’t judge that person the same please…

A Real Christian will tell a stranger things like –

God is NOT out to judge you…
God is NOT concerned with you being GOOD ENOUGH or making you WORK for favor…
God is NOT interested in your money…
God is NOT trying to sell you a magazine…
God is NOT about stained glass and hidden abuses…

God is only interested in ONE thing.
You and what you do with Jesus.

If you can understand that Jesus is the simple method of getting things right with God regardless of your lifestyle, your past, your present, or your plans for the future… Then Nothing matters but accepting Him and taking a stand on that belief.

You judge Jesus and God with the same brush that other people judge you – as christian like people and Real Christians get lumped together – as a person that didn’t pay taxes and has a prison record would get lumped in with a convicted rapist.

People like me – go out because we know the Real God is not being represented properly by hardly ANYONE in the media spotlight… We talk to people because we know when they hear how incredibly simple it is and how easy it can be to get everything right in a single moment… few people ever pass up the chance to do it right there and then.

When you come to believe that there is a God and you come to believe that mankind does “miss it” and we need help – then you realise that He made a simple way to “un miss it” Every Religion in the world is Man attempting to get to God.
Actual Christianity is about God reaching man. Its a relationship He wants with us… as friends and family and closer.
He sent His Son as our substitute
and He was Judged in our place.

Man is worried about if there is a God that he will be judged by him for things they did or things they didn’t do…

God judged Jesus in our place.

All you have to do is accept the substitution – say that you accept it… and then start the amazing path of learning about God and the new relationship you have available to you.

Judging a man is easy when you realize that they are just a man and make mistakes… we judge others and ourselves all the time – the world judges us… the Good News is – God does not judge us
He only wants us to accept the judgement He put on Jesus on our behalf.

Make sense?