Your Relationship with God – Rough Notes

– Train yourself again on the basics of being a Christian
Retrain yourself to study
Rededicate yourself to serving God
Refocus your efforts and your purpose of your life to Him and His calling and leading for your life
Redirect – change anything in your life that does not line up with what you want in your life and
Replace those things with activities and time with God and His word.
Remember – put before your face – a scripture and a vision statement and your dreams and goals… put it before your face and see it daily to remember why you here on this earth.
Revision... if you lost site of your goal and dont even know what it is yet… get with God – ask Him to reveal to you what He has for you to do.
Rebound. If you fall and you will because of the fallen world – fallen nature and natural tendency to lose focus of what is important. Pick yourself up… Repent and proceed with the original plan as if nothing ever happened.

Spending Time with God

The most important thing that a real modern day christian can do is take a moment or more and spend time with God. Not religious prayers and repetitious mumblings under our breath… but if people on your job are allowed to take a smoke break… take a fresh air break… take your bible and go read a psalms together with God… ask for clearer spiritual hearing to hear His voice and promptings throughout your day… to help with problems your facing and so on…

Be it a moment or an hour besides your time you should spend with Him in the morning or the evening. … spend time with God any and every chance you get.
Set your watch to remind you.

Be in a place and a part of your relationship and mind set that you can clearly hear His voice as much as possible throughout your day…

God does math problems.

As a young christian I have been in the place many times where I had no choice but to trust God and listen for His direction… be it a spiritual problem I needed an answer for… or being stuck on an algebra problem on the final exam…. God helped and directed me and lead me to the right answer. He cares about the small things and the great things because He cares for you.

His voice.

The voice of God can be audible… or Internal.
I have never ever heard of someone hearing the voice of God in their own thoughts… you may have wisdom and intelligence prompting you with an answer – but the Still Small Voice inside you will direct you and guide you far more than your own mind.

God calls out your name.

When your friend wants to talk to you… they call out your name.
God wants to spend time with you!
He will call on you and draw on you just to fellowship and spend time with you as well as teach and lead you and guide you.

An Open book…
If your going to spend time with Him… have a bible with you at all times… if at all possible as the Spirit of God may direct you to a verse and want to show you something in the word.

As well as that… you are an open book to God… he can read your mail… He knows your thoughts… don’t hide anything from God and your relationship with Him will grow as a result… He knows your secrets… why pretend you don’t have anything your hiding from Him – it makes things awkward and stressed when you talk with Him.

When spending time with God… relationship is the key… You spend time with someone you love and know and care about differently than you do a stranger.
If you know God and He knows you… talk with Him like that… He is a Personal God … not a religious God.

Religion in your lifetime is over… You are here now and in this place of personal time with God. As a result… as much as possible… push aside your religious notions and realize that as a modern believer we have access to God in much the same way Adam did… to spend time with Him in the cool of the day… just walking down the garden and being together.

Your best friend.

God is here for you in so many ways more than JUST a God.
He is your friend.
Yes there is the aspect of being a Servant to Him with your life
of being Creator and Creation and all that… push that aside and get to the relationship revelation as much as you can.

Sin Issue

The number one issue we face when we go to God about anything at anytime… is sin…. things we have not dealt with and things we should deal with and are putting off… but your not a sinner… Sin has been dealt with.

Correction comes in Love.

God is not out to condemn us but to correct us because He cares for us.

He sent His only Son to Die for us and redeem us from Hell… yet our mind and our heart condemn us at times if we have unresolved issues with God or others in our life…
He is not going to bring you all the way to the place you are with Him today and then kick you when your down and hurting…

Get talking…

When God called out to someone in the Bible… there was something He needed from them in return… – Yes God I am here what is it you want.

If He calls your name… answer Him… If you feel in your spirit that you need to pray… pray… if you feel an unction to pray in the spirit… in tongues… do so.

In getting the conversation started 2 things happen… Your now setting your focus mentally and spiritually on Him – making it easier for you to pay attention to Him with out getting distracted and focus on Him and what He is telling you.
You have started a conversation… meaning your looking for a response and He knows your interested in hearing and spending time with Him.

– A natural example.

Kids… they scream and yell and shout and holler all the time… playing and fussing and fighting so much that a parent can know when they want attention from them or they are just making noise for making noise sake.
God is ready and able to focus on you the moment you need Him to do so…
He knows the sound of one of His children falling down and getting hurt just like a natural parent does… and He is willing to run to you and make it all better.

At the same time… the opposite is true… how often as a child did you ignore your parents calling you to come to them… yet you ignored them to spend more time playing or running around the yard with your friends and getting up to no good like trying to set the cat on fire or taking as saw to your bunkbed…

When you ignore your parents the first time or the second time… its easier to ignore them the third time… after a while you can get to a place that you don’t even hear them anymore.

He is always calling.

He desires a relationship and friendship and to spend time with you… MORE than you do.

His voice.

In the noise of today… and the world we live in with Radio and Tv and iPods and everything else going on… SHOUTING for your attention… You need to get to a place where you KNOW His voice over the excitement and energy of today…

Have you ever been woken up by the Holy Spirit of God early in the morning or in the middle of the night…
Your mind finally shuts up… shuts down… and your ears don’t hear anything…
Your spirit has a chance to listen in to God… and hear His voice…

Tell you what to do when you can’t hear His voice… get away for a moment or more… pray, spend time in the Word… rehearse what you know to do… till you get to the point that you can hear his voice….

Get away from the Crowd.

Jesus being our example of the Christian life… got away from the crowd EVERY chance he got… even away from the ones he was training… and spend time with God alone.


Ok… here is the part we forget to do…
Have you ever had a one sided conversation?

You realize that the other person is just not going to shut up and let you talk to them back?
We do that to God ALL the time.
Spend time with Him means we shut our mouths and listen to Him as much as we can and start a normal conversation.

Its a conversation – not a speech
God does not come to us to get lectured to about your condition… your needs your wants… but to spend time with someone He loves and cares about… means also talking about your dreams your hopes and your goals
And talking about your past… gets old real fast.

Your past.
We have a tendency to spend most of our time talking about the problems of the past… this happened to me and they did this to me and i was hurt and this and this and so on… Did God deal with your sins in the past? Where did it get dealt with? Before today? Really God dealt with it that long ago?
Do you think it needs to stay there? Yes. As far as the east is from the west . … we are separated from our sins… leave them there…

Your present- You have your needs and your wants and your hurts and your pains today… He knows what you have need of before you even ask it…

A dog… Have you ever tried to spend time with your dog… and all he wants is your hands… you have nothing in them at the moment to give him… but its all he wants… thinks you have a treat in them for him… something hidden that your holding back from him…

We treat God like that… seeking His hands and not His face…
how rude…
When you spend time with God… know He knows what you know…
Spend time for the sake of spending time with Him and guess what… the need will get dealt with… He will bring it up in conversation when its time. .

Your future…

Dont spend so much time worrying about the future and what ifs and what is going to happen and so on…
He knows…
Will help you and lead you there…
Trust Him…
If you cultivate your relationship with God and His Spirit and His Son… You will get to the place where you will be lead and guided by Him through some amazing storms and you will walk out the other side and people will stop you and ask you How in the world you managed to get through it all… You can tell them…

Personal relationship.
I was talking and ministering to a friend of mine back in the states many years ago… and they kept looking at me weird every time i said something a certain way… it got distracting at one point and I asked them what the problem was…
They said… its nothing really… its just that you keep saying Him or He when you talk about God… you don’t say GOD or JESUS or something like that… why is that.

He is a personal God… first name basis is when your friends.. when you talk to others about your friends… you dont repeatedly say their name again and again… you say oh He said this or that..