CHSOM is dedicated to providing advanced teaching to students looking for more in their Life and Relationship with Christ. The Word of God should encourage you to do more and be more than ordinary.

CHSOM has two course plans available.

  1. Full Student:
    • This course of study is a paid attendance with plans for graduation and a diploma for completion.
    • This plan requires proper attendance, completion of homework, tests, and passing grades throughout.
    • This is a paid course plan. The fee is $90 per semester.
  2. Audit:
    • The audit course requires completion of homework, proper attendance, and passing grades throughout.
    • This is a paid course plan.¬†The fee is $60 per semester.
  3. Observational Attendance: 
    • This option is available for students that are planning to attend but have not yet signed up. This option allows limited attendance. After a certain amount of times attending – students that are only observing will be required to signup and pay for the courses.
    • This is free.
  1. Requirements for Enrollment. 
    • This is a school course for serious men and women of God. Therefore appropriate behavior, attendance, dress and study is required.
    • Plan to bring your Bible, Notebook, Organizer, Pens and pencils and a serious hunger for the Word of God.
    • Identification in the form of Photo ID for record purposes.
    • Signed acceptance to the school policy and student expectations.
  2. CHSOM will provide.
    • Coffee and light refreshments
    • Course Outlines and School Handbook

Teachers for 2018:

  • Pastor James Benson
  • Pastor Dave Hubbard
  • Pastor Joseph Dispensa

Alternate Teachers:

  • Rev. Jimmy Kirby
  • Pastor Bryan Young
  • Pastor Jerold Bookman


CHSOM is asking for donations to help support the running of the school. The donations will go to cover fees, electricity, and materials.

Courses will include

Soul Winning
Christian Heritage
Fruit of the Spirit
Principles of the Doctrine of Christ
Authority of the Believer
Godly Wisdom
Faith in Action

Bible Doctrines
Life of Christ
Types and Shadows
Ministry of Helps
New Creation Realities
Spiritual Authority
Old Testament Survey

1st Corinthians





1 thess/2 thess


CHSOM is not an accredited school at this time. We are not focusing on paperwork from a University but the Word of God. This may change in the future. CHSOM teachers are Ministers and Graduates of Bible Schools from various backgrounds in active ministry.